Darlene Knobbs Memorial

it was a people thing,

Jodi The Gardens Hostess
Jodi The Gardens Hostess.

Good Friends

Merlene and Dee second floor neighbors and good friends

Merlene and Dee second flooir neighbors and good friends.

Memories Shared

Joann and Margo voices to be heard
Joann and Margo voices to be heard

Some Happy...

Happy to celebrate life
Celebrate Life

Some, not so happy.

Marijane remembering

Here we go again...

A time to just remember.

Terri and Dennis
The seldom seen Dennis

A time to eat...

Margo looking at the dcake
Margo loved Darlene's chicken soup.

I always try to catch someone in the act...

Caught in the act
Is this good or what
Caught again
Gotcha, Merlene & Terry and Gloria with a mouth full.

Back to a serious note, Reflections

Serious Reflections
Some day this could be me


Memory - Sweet Memories
I just loved her

It is about people, friends, and remembering

People from Stilly Gardens
The Garden Gang


You're invited to Celebrate Darlene Knobbs

SUNDAY MAY 21, 2023

At Stilly Point Social Room 3rd floor

1:30 to 3:30

Hosted by The Gardens